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Cadmium cancer

Cadmium is primarily toxic to the kidney and can cause renal failure. Cadmium can also cause bone demineralisation. Cadmium is classified as a human carcinogen (Group 1) on the basis of occupational studies. Newer data on human exposure to cadmium have indicated an increased risk of cancer such as in the lung, endometrium, bladder, and breast.

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Cadmium 1. Exposure Data 2. Studies of Cancer in Humans 3. Studies of Cancer in Experimental Animals 4. Other Relevant Data 5. Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation 6. References Mercury 1. Exposure Data 2. Studies of Cancer in Humans 3. Studies of Cancer in Experimental Animals 4. Cadmium toxicity occurs when a person breathes in high levels of cadmium from the air, or eats food or drinks water containing high levels of cadmium. ... There is no conclusive evidence that cadmium can cause lung cancer, but as a precaution, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has classified cadmium as a probable carcinogen in.

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Toxic chemical element cadmium, found in everything from fertilizer to children's jewelry, has now been linked to the development of breast cancer. Previously found to be contributing to infertility as well as the decline of health in children, the new study explores how dietary exposure to cadmium through 'healthy' food products like.

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Effects of cigarettes and smoking on cadmium exposure. A cigarette contains approximately 2.0 μg of cadmium, 2-10% of which is transferred to primary cigarette smoke (Mannino et al. 2004).; Of the cadmium in the primary inhaled cigarette smoke, nearly 50% is absorbed from the lungs into the systemic circulation during active smoking (Satarug et al. 2003; Jarup 2002).

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The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information.

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